About us

Mhaidiva, the Lady of Tea, is the personification of everything that makes life worth living. She is the muse giving everyone who drinks her tea the gift of beauty, health, peace, harmony and creative thinking. She speaks to you in haiku, seventeen syllable poems written in three lines of 5-7-5. She shares philosophy, or lessons of life, expressed in one breath. She uses images of tea, evocative of a mysterious solitude and meditative presence with romantic images of austere beauty.

The Bengali language Santali, dating back to the early 1500’s, was originally given form in a series of books by Pandit Reghunath Murmu (1905) in Ol Chiki script. This Ol Chiki script revealed all the beauty of the Santali literature in its full glory. The Ol Chiki letters are icons based on shapes, generates from the gestures of living beings. The letters “Aaw” is created from the gesture of “opening lips invitingly”. Obviously, this was the ultimate choice for our Mhaidiva logo.