Varieties of tea

Varieties of tea

The varieties of tea available that is produced from “Camilla Sinensis” can be largely categorized into Green tea, Black tea and Specialty White Teas.

Difference black tea and green tea

Green tea is tea which is growing in popularity, partly because of the healthy benefits. Green tea is originating from the same bush as normal black tea. The difference is that black tea endures an extra process: fermentation. Green tea is tea which isn’t fermented, but heat treated to retain its colour.

Green tea is of itself more bitter than black (=fermented) tea. A lot of green tea which is sold on the market has added flavours like lemon and lemon grass.

Flavoured tea

Flavoured tea could be either black or green tea flavoured with natural or nature identical flavours or other additives such as flowers or spices to produce the required infusion.

Herb tea

Herb tea isn’t a real “tea”, because it doesn’t come from the “Camellia Sinensis”. However, in spoken language all warm infusions are called “tea”. Examples of herb teas are camomile and lemon grass. Another example of a tea which shouldn’t be called tea is “rooibos”.